Question Time

I emailed Tomcat Motorsport to ask a few questions.

1: What are the instructions that come with the kit like?

The Tomcat is not a ‘kit’ in the sense that you receive a pack of parts that all simply bolt together and you end up with a finished car, most Tomcats are built to a specific customer spec either by us or the owner. This tends to mean that all are more or less unique and we try to allow this in the way the parts are supplied. The basic build does require some fabrication ability or you would need to get us to fit the skeleton to the chassis.
The instructions for this part are provided but again as this should be undertaken by a someone with fabrication skills the instructions are fairly basic.

2: Can I keep the current Range Rover interior (ie. front seats, dash, etc)?

The only parts from inside the range rover that are retained is the steering column and pedals, non of the interior trim will fit although parts of the dash may be able to be fitted with modification although we have not tried this.

3: Do you sell brackets for mounting the radiator behind the cab?

We can provide the radiator brackets for behind the main hoop but would need to know the spec of your rad to be able to do this.

4: How secure are the doors?

As the Tomcat was designed as a competition car the doors are not necessarily designed to be totally secure, the best security is provided when building what we call a flat sided car (ie full height doors and not the climb over door bars) this uses a modified Land Rover door top on a fabricated door frame and can be made as secure as standard series Land Rover.

5: How much of the chassis will need to be cut or modified?

If retaining the standard 100″ wheelbase only the rear of the chassis needs to be cut, we remove all of the chassis from approx 100mm behind the rear springs and replace this with parts from our fitting kit, the front of the chassis is usually shortened also but this need not be, all of the unused outriggers and brackets are also removed.

6: How long does it normally take between an order being placed and being ready to collect?

Depending on what exactly is ordered usually betweeen 6 and 8 weeks are needed to produce the parts ready for collection provided that the demands of the competition calander do not interfere with production.

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